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We Believe Every Woman Should be Able to Show Off her Unique and Glamorous Side

Step in a Pair of Our Snappy and Snuggly Slippers

Save your feet from any pain from uncomfortable heels or barefoot walking on the streets. Nena Couture offers an original line of AMslippers any person can wear anytime of the day. Our slip-ons come with a foldable tote bag you can put your shoes into. Like a purse, you may place your valuables inside its small pocket.


Mission Statement

We believe every woman should be able to show off her unique, glamorous side.


Feel Easy and Breezy With Our Wear-Ins

Dance all you want and enjoy long leisure strolls knowing you’ll change into cozy slippers on the way home. Our classy variations of slip-ons fit any setup whether it’s indoor or outdoor. Select from more than 10 different roll up styles including ankle-length, knee-high, mid-calf, and thigh-high.

Never Be Barefoot: A Fashion Story


The idea of after-party slippers came to light after Julia Valentin Estrada, the designer and founder of our couture line went on a Las Vegas trip. After long hours of walking in heels around the casino, she experienced the worst pain and felt like removing her shoes.

But then, Julia remembered the number one lesson her beloved Grandmother Grace told her. She should never be barefoot, not even in her own house, no matter what. So she put up with the sore walks and arrived at her hotel thinking it was the worst— yet best thing that happened to her.

The experience became the inspiration for an exquisite line of emergency footwear. Our AMslippers line provides convenient wear for anyone without sacrificing elegance and style.

Pre-Orders Launch Date - TBA !!

Show off your tasteful preferences through our designer line of AMslippers. Get in touch for feet-caressing footwear you can bring along in your everyday adventures.



Please note that the sign up for Pre-Orders will begin August 1st